Welcome to the Sign Up page for Warrior’s Weekend XI.  This is the criterion for your attendance.  Although we appreciate all who have volunteered to serve this great country of ours, we must have guidelines for attendance to our big event in May 2017. Please know that food, lodging, and flight expenses are covered. At this time, there is no reimbursement for drive-ins. However, their food and lodging will still be covered.

  • You must be a wounded warrior from either combat in OIF/OEF. This includes being a Purple Heart recipient or suffering from PTSD and/or TBI;  Only VA Certified caretakers will be allowed to accompany a warrior on a flight;
  • If flying into Bush Airport in Houston, you must be able to fly in on Thursday, 18 May and fly home on Sunday, 21 May;
  • Family may accompany you if you drive in on May 20th but please note that only the warrior, and VA certified caretakers, will be allowed to fish on a boat during Warrior’s Weekend. There will be activities for the family members to attend while the warrior fishes on 20 May;
  • If flying in, please ensure that all of your information and any information regarding your certified caretaker matches your/their primary form of identification. Middle Initial is also required. This is required by the airlines.

Please note that you will be asked how many times you have attended WW before this.  While we intend to bring everyone who signs up, priority will be given to those attending for the first through 3rd times. In the event that we fill up, others will be placed on a “Stand By” list.  We hope to be able to bring everyone who signs up but must see how many sign up.

Also, please do not wear nor bring clothing, baggage, etc. from another organization, as it tends to confuse our patrons.  You will be given WW shirts, caps, etc.

We will require DD214’s for all attendees. We will also require proof of VA certification for all Certified Caregivers, and we will require shot records for service dogs. Uploading them on the sign-up form is preferred, but if you cannot, e-mail them to warriorswknd@yahoo.com.

Due to overwhelming demand, sign-ups have been temporarily suspended at this time. Check back February 1st for updates. We are continuing to process paperwork. If you have signed-up, please make sure you have submitted your DD214, VA caretaker certification, and service dog shot records if applicable.